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Placement ads allow you to immediately call attention to your business and direct visitors to your website, social media pages, or offers by leveraging our website traffic through our listings section.

Rates for Ads:

$49 Per Ad Space for 30 days.

No surprises, no long term obligation and no hassles. Your ad placement will run on all site listing pages for 30 days. (This will be recurring unless cancelled)

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Promote Your Listing On The Front Page As A “Featured Listing”

Featured listings allow you to call attention to your business right on the home page of our site.

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Promote Your Upcoming Local Events To Our Users

Our Local Events calendar allows you to call attention to your business’ upcoming  events.

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Promote Your Business With A Premium Business Listing

Our Premium Listings allow you to add more information for your business in your listing page; add a description, featured image, slideshow, video, hours, extra links. Also, your business becomes a featured listing, you can request the posting of your blog articles to our website and can post upcoming events to our events calendar.

$99 For a 13 months

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